Hôtel Revenue Manager

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Description de poste :Responsible for the implementation of Brand revenue management and pricing structure. Management methods in a dedicated region in order to maximize the turnover in accordance with brand’s marketing, country, area, hotel strategies & customer’s needs. Responsible, in coordination with GM and Sales & Marketing, for the implementation of the strategy on a daily basis, updates the planning, groups quoting. Alerts the GM and Sales & Marketing when the market deviates from the strategy and proposes solutions for adjustment. In charge of helping the hotel to reach and beat its operation turnover budget and to correctly position the hotel in the market, aiming for a high RGI positioning above competition. Also responsible for the creation of a total revenue management culture & mindset at the property. Supports the General Manager and S&M team in the creation of the strategy and works effectively with the implemented revenue management system. Furthermore, implements the strategy, based on the daily recommendations in the distribution channels, as well as the daily check of the system recommendations for sense and provide complementary or revised proposals for optimization. Responsible for the entire reservations team job performance including annual appraisals, career development, salary reviews and trainings  

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Domaine :Hôtellerie, Restauration, Tourisme  Spécialité :ACCUEIL TOURISTIQUE ET HOTELIER  
Expérience :Exigée    Durée d'Expérience :
Domaine d'Expérience :Hôtellerie, Restauration, Tourisme 
Pays de poste :QATAR     Ville de poste :doha 
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Langue :Anglais    Requirement :Exigée 
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