Factory Manager

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Description de poste :• Responsible for the over-all factory operations and management, set operational procedures, budget controls and production strategies to achieve company goal and objectives. Job Responsibilities: • Plan and organized the use of materials, machineries and manpower in order to achieve the most efficient, maximum yield of production and manpower efficiency. • Ensure that company goals and set objectives are being met. • Ensure that factory operates under given budget and time frame. • Set targets in accordance to company goals and objectives. • Develop methods and strategies to enhance labor, material and machine utilization. • Evaluate and conduct cost analysis to increase profit margins. • Regularly interact with people through constant communications and boost a positive insight to all employees to meet company goals and objective. • Determine employees’ performances and reward incentives to deserving employees. • Coordinate with sales and planning depts. regarding order availability and loadings to production. • Maintain a harmonious but a well disciplined working atmosphere in production. • Responsible in the profitability of factory operations.  

Profil rechercher :• Bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering; • MBA / Business Administration preferred • 20 years experience in garment manufacturing preferably in a well know group in GCC • Proven track record in manufacturing management • 5 years former experience as a garment factory manager • Effective verbal and written communication skills • Ability to supervise, motivate and lead a team of employees • Strong personality, able to execute decisions independently • Strong analytical and technical skills • Good leadership and management skills, ability to supervise people of mixed nationalities • Excellent knowledge of Microsoft package.  

Expérience :Exigée    Durée d'Expérience :20 
Domaine d'Expérience :Energy, Industrial Engineering 
Pays de poste :QATAR    
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Protection sociale :Oui   Frais de voyage :Oui    Logement :Oui   
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Langue :English    Requirement :Exigée 
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