Business Head

Détail Poste :
Nombre de poste :
Description de poste :Will be accountable for the entire activities of the new business covering Vehicle Sales and After Sales. Specifically: - To make a successful launch of the brand in Qatar by Oct 2019. - To take full responsibility and accountability for the Top Line and Bottom Line for Vehicles, Parts and Service. - To achieve the above, to assemble a good quality team and to create creative marketing plans with a focus on Digital Marketing.  

Profil rechercher :The detailed qualification and experience requirements are mentioned below: Qualifications: A Bachelors degree in any discipline preferably with a Masters in Business Administration or equivalent. Experience: At least 20 years experience in a senior position in a large Dealership. experience with European vehicles such as Renault, Peugeot will be a clear advantage. Candidates who have headed a Dealership will be preferred. If candidates have not had the experience of running a full dealership, they should at least have had the experience of handling two or more functions. Other requirements: - Excellent verbal and written communication skills. KNOWLEDGE OF WRITTEN AND SPOKEN ARABIC WILL BE A DISTINCT ADVANTAGE. - Excellent analytical ability with an ability to strategize and execute plans.  

Domaine :Economie, Gestion, Finances  Spécialité :GESTION D'ADMINISTRATION  
Expérience :Exigée    Durée d'Expérience :20 
Pays de poste :QATAR     Ville de poste :Doha 
Détail Contrat :
Type du contart :CDI 
Salaire mensuel net :8200  $ 
Avantages :
Primes :Oui   Protection sociale :Oui   Frais de voyage :Oui    Vehicule :Oui 
Logement :Oui   
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