ANETI is your ally for international employment!

With more than 50 years of experience and having served more than 30 countries such as France, Canada, Germany and the Gulf countries, ANETI INTERNATIONAL, a leading public service in Tunisia, provides you with a range of services to facilitate the recruitment of Tunisian skills.

How to help you?

Our dedicated staff, composed of a central team and local employment advisers for ANETI International, help you in all the recruitment process and assist you from your welcome to Tunisia to the integration of the selected candidates into your company. Our services are also offered to you by our ANETI representations based abroad, particularly in Qatar and France.

Stages of the employer support services :

  • Identification of your needs

*The advisers identify with you the best profiles and the most suitable recruitment methods. They help you define your recruitment needs through: 

*Accurate diagnosis of your skills needs

*Job analysis

*Drafting of the job offer after common definition of the criteria selected

  • Search for candidates :

ANETI INTERNATIONAL optimizes your sourcing through:

*Country-specific advisers in international employment.

*A dedicated international website:

*A pool of more than 100,000 qualified candidates.

*A multi-criteria search for candidates (more than 1,000 specialties).

  • Selection of candidates

ANETI INTERNATIONAL selects the candidates that meet your needs and provides you with a support team to guide you in your selection. Many services can be offered to you, in particular:

*Analyzing applications and conducting job interviews.

*Assessment of successful candidates.

*Preparation of administrative files.

  • Follow-up of the selected candidates to facilitate their integration in the host country through: 

*A cultural and professional integration plan for the newly recruited candidates.

*An analysis of your needs for complimentary trainings.

*Follow-up of the candidates after their departure.